Dress for success

The clothes that you wear have an impact in how people perceive you especially in the corporate world. In my perspective, the clothes that you wear to work will determine whether they take you seriously or not.


Clothes show authority, confidence and style. People are more susceptable to taking authority or paying attention to someone who is looking well groomed and who is wearing a suit and tie as opposed to someone who is wearing track suits and sneakers.


Dressing well is important because first impressions count and the clothes that you wear create the “first impression” in people’s minds. Studies show that inappropriate dressing causes 40% of job rejection. I think the best way of dressing is dressing for success, not to impress I define this as adding your own style to corporate wear. You do not have to wear black and white to work, fashion trends are constantly evolving and so is corporate wear.



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4 thoughts on “Dress for success

  1. This is very interesting.
    I think ones dress sense determines how they feel. Sometimes I dress ub or dress down. It depends on my mood.
    Sometimes it depends on the occasion. Whether I’m going to a picnic, work, church, funeral, wedding, dinner, movie etc.
    The way you’re dressed can give the next person an impression about you.

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