Add a bit of yellow for confidence

Following my previous blog about dressing for success. I have realized that clothes can change how you feel about yourself. When people are well dressed they exude or ooze confidence. It is almost as if people become more self-affirmed and they have a sense of courage and confidence in themselves. When you are wearing one of your favorite/best outfits you feel good about yourself. I think its safe to say that there is a positive connotation or a link between the clothes that we wear and self-esteem.

Hence the reason why people pay attention to what they wear when they are going on their first dates, interviews or even going to write an exam. I personally do not want to look shabby when I write my exams because that is the last thing I want to worry about when I am in a exam room. When I write I only want to focus on the examination not the fact that I am wearing torn socks or that the pants that I am wearing are too tight or that the clothes that I’m wearing do not match. This doesn’t apply to people who do not pay attention to style or do not really care much about their appearance. When you are well dressed the clothes that you are wearing will make you feel more confident about yourself…this is my own opinion. Yellow is the perfect colour for confidence, it just brightens your day and some people need to have the confidence and courage to pull it off especially men.


Jess Cartner-Morley

Yellow-Cardigan_FF31DDBA men

yellow-trousers_large NB

Source: Google images (all images)

Self-confidence is the key to self-motivation….


2 thoughts on “Add a bit of yellow for confidence

  1. i do like the the range nd wat u did say is very much true whn u dres gud u feel gud jst brightn up ur day u jst feel gud

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