Different Shades of Grey

Colours have various connotations to them, but I am quit intrigued about the colour grey and it has nothing to do with the book ‘Fifty shades of Grey’. The colour grey has different connotations to it. When I was young I was taught that “black + white = grey” and that grey is in between black and white. in addition most people associate silver with grey. But grey could resemble uncertainty, depression, mourning and sadness; on the contrary it could also resemble balance, reliability and intelligence. The human brain is composed of grey matter.When you are not feeling well they say you are feeling grey and when something exists between two extremes you say that there is a grey area.

What I love about grey is that it is a neutral colour and contrary to popular believe that black and white are the main colours that you could mix and match with any color. I think that you can wear different colours with grey and still look stylish. Some people think that grey is a boring color and they do not know what to wear with it. This is where different shades of grey come in. I love the colour grey in bags, accessories, shoes and adding different colors to it. In addition, there are different shades of grey, charcoal grey, silver grey, gun grey, mid grey, blue-grey and slate grey just to name a few. Grey is a sensational colour that is elegant and neutral. In my perspective grey is a balanced colour that one could wear for any occasion, you can look stylish with grey.

How to mix red with grey



How to look stylish and fashionable in grey

How to wear grey in a stylish way

grey shoes




Images are from: Google images http://google.com/images and
The meaning of different colours: http://www.three-musketeers.net/mike/colors.html


6 thoughts on “Different Shades of Grey

  1. I agree, I love the colour grey, it safe and very nutral + elegent, its a very nice colour for every season, only if you can play it right. I also used to get confused when it came to the colour gray but your post enlightened me

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