Horoscopes and fashion…an outlandish combination


This blog was inspired by my horoscope (Pisces). In the past week I have been reading about astrology I particularly focused on my star sign which is Pisces. As I was reading I came across different aspects about people who were born between the 19th of February and 20th of March. We are defined as thinkers, dreamers, sensitive, passionate, gentle and nurturing people. Apart from this what stood out the most whilst I was reading about Pisces and learning about different aspects, personality, relationships and colours just to name a few. One of the topics about astrology was Pisces and sense of style I found that quit intriguing because I didn’t know that your style or your dress sense and the colours that you choose could be determined by astrology or your horoscope. I was fascinated by this and finding out itn this true or not, if I could relate to what was written about my horoscope.

tumblr_mk4vro7ffY1s5llheo1_500 NB

What I have learnt was that Pisces women love pastel colors and that their choice of colours are sea-green, lavender and blue. According to xstrology scopes (website) Pisces women love wearing dresses and skirts, they are very girly. Pisces women love colour and patterns. I have also realized that we can not relate to everything that is written about our horoscopes. Owing to this I am not that fond of dresses but what I do agree with is the colour blue. The signature colour for Pisces women is blue. Pisces is a water sign and water is usually associated with blue. Hence the reason why Blue is one of my favourite colours and it is also a colour that signifies Pisces. I have realized that I am more susceptible to choosing blue clothing items, I have blue accessories, dresses, shirts, shoes and blue denim jeans just to name a few. The colour blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and heaven.

The similarity between grey and blue is the different shades and the number 50. There are fifty shades of grey and fifty two shades of blue. Different shades of blue include; deep sky blue, navy blue, indigo, Alice blue, Yale blue, midnight blue powder blue and royal blue just to name a few. The following images are about how to be stylish in different shades of blue.



This is how I wear blue



Images from: http://watersignlove.tumblr.com/page/2


Google images: http://google/images.com

Pisces and fashion:


The meaning of blue:



1 thought on “Horoscopes and fashion…an outlandish combination

  1. So true and well explained.
    I’m also a pisces and know those characters. I also know that they like water colours.
    Well done, Keep it up!

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