The denim/jeans affair…….


Most people do not differentiate the words denim and jeans some people use these words interchangeably. It could be said that the word jean/s is mostly used to define pants and denim is the material that is used to make jeans. In addition there are different types of jeans and these are; skinny, low cut and narrow bottom jean just to name a few. Denim is something that could be worn by people of different ages and different shapes and sizes. Denim can be used in anything it could be used in shirts, dresses, skirts, jacket, shorts, jeggings and even bags and shoes. What I love about denim is that it is a timeless piece of material which can be worn on different occasions and it is something that you can wear throughout the year. Denim can be worn through out the different season and the styles of denim are constantly evolving and adjusting to different trends in fashion. Apart from this you can dress it up or down, in different colours and shapes/cuts. You can’t go wrong with denim especially when you don’t know what to wear. Even though I sometimes do wear coloured jeans my favourite is still the classic blue jeans.

How to look elegant and chic in denim.


Simple and classy way of wearing denim; a white shirt, jeans and heels.

how to look classy on denim


Different ways of wearing denim on denim. You can wear this with different shades of denim or the same color/shade of denim.denim-trends-spring-2013-head-to-toe-Balmain

DeninOnDenim3Ways-e1361374572403Denim is used in various types of clothing, even in bags and shoes.

heelsbagcolored jeans“Germany's next Topmodel - by Heidi Klum”

One of my favorite and most comfortable pair of jeans are high waisted jeans



What to think about for the next season, dungarees are coming back (spring 2013).



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10 thoughts on “The denim/jeans affair…….

  1. Wow! I’ve learnt a thing or two about denim. I’m one of those people who can’t differentiate the words denim and jeans *hides* LoL, so reading this blog was really an eye opener for a person like me who actually favours denim.

    Good work, keep it up!!

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  3. This is very informative. Interesting! Keep up the good work! Style Intelligence is very interesting. Looking forward to your next topic! 🙂

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