I have acknowledged a trend in clothing items that are made out of leather. There are lots of clothes that are made out of leather. It is no longer only about leather jackets,  leather shoes and bags. Leather is constantly being re-invented and recycled when it comes to fashion. Leather is now being used for shirts, dresses, skirts, shorts etc. This is similar to my previous post about denim. I have realised that leather is also a fashion staple and you can wear it in different seasons and in different colours. In addition I have leather jackets that I bought in 2011 and I still look good when I wear them now. You can wear leather for two or more years and still look stylish, you just need to know how to take care of it hence the reason why I say leather is a fashion staple.

different types of leather


I read an article about leather just to gain a bit of insight about leather. I have established that leather can be created/made from different animals; leather is made from ostrich, pigskin, lizard skin, calfskin and chamois just to name a few. In addition I think it’s worthwhile to know that suede is made from the inside out of leather or the inner split of leather. This is probably one of the reasons why suede is cheaper than genuine leather. Apart from this I have observed a difference between pleather (fake/faux leather) and genuine (real) leather, the advantage of pleather is that it is cheap and easy to maintain. Genuine leather on the other hand is expensive and it is high maintenance however it lasts longer than pleather. Genuine leather is made from animal skin in contrast pleather is made out of a fabric base and it is manmade.


Ostrich leather is usually used for bags, shoes and belts and it is one of the most expensive types of leather.


Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between fake and genuine leather. Genuine leather is not always best choice in my opinion when it comes to clothing. I prefer genuine leather in furniture, jackets and shoes but I would buy a dress or a skirt that’s made out of fake leather as long as it looks real and not like plastic. In most cases genuine leather is heavier than pleather; I can only imagine myself wearing a dress made out of genuine leather in summer.

leather dress

Simple street fashion, wearing a leather skirt and a denim jacket and still look stylish…

leather and denim


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Different types of leather:


3 thoughts on “GENUINE LEATHER VS PLEATHER…….timeless trend

  1. Personally I am a PETA follower. But, the best part of this post is that the comparison between the real and the fake. I like this post being highly informative. Thank you 🙂

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