The Monochrome Trend…….simple elegance


The constant changes and re-emergence of trends in fashion are quit intriguing. At one point florals are ‘in’ followed by pastel colours then comes neon colours. These are bright and vibrant colours and they also epitomize the spring/summer season. However spring 2013 is also about embracing staple or basic colours such as black and white this is also known as the monochrome trend. In my perspective monochrome is a constant trend. In addition black and white are staple colours and almost everyone has something black or white in their closet. These colours are often perceived as colours that you wear when you go to work or to a funeral. Some people think that black and white does not stand out which is not true, you can look elegant and fashionable in a simple black and white outfit.


Apart from this there are other positive connotations to these colours. For instance white represents purity, precision and humility. Black is about sophistication, style and elegance. In my perspective black and white are colours that are easy to match and one can pull of stunning outfits with those colours both independently and combined. What I love about monochrome is the ability to play around with patterns such as stripes, blocks and spots. It’s not about knowing which colours work well together its about knowing which items of clothing can you put together to pull of a fabulous outfit.


This is how I wear  black and white, a simple black and white dress and a pair of heels.


see theb world in monochrome


The meaning of colours:

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5 thoughts on “The Monochrome Trend…….simple elegance

  1. I love your post about monochrome and I agree with you a 100% black and white is a fashion statement you will never go wrong wearing it ,black is a color of sophistication and power but yet u can still look sexy in a little black number and on the other hand white is soft and elegant so imagine combining them simply beautiful lol so I for one will always have something black and something white in my closet

  2. Ooow!! How I love my black and white, both independent and combined *top notch* What I adore most about this trend, its the fact that you can rock it any season and still be dressed to the nines.

    Lovely trend indeed!!

  3. Interesting look into style. I’ve noticed that some musicians have made monochrome their style when they perform. For an example Black Coffee, Robin Thicke and our late icon, Michael Jackson to name but a few. Today I saw Da Les’ new video “Heaven” is also monochrome. Well done baby, I’m proud of you! Can’t wait for your next blog!!

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