Our crowning glory…


I thought that writing about women and hair would be an easy task because it is something that I can relate to however to my disadvantage it was quite challenging. When I asked my friend and my sister to read my first draft they both didn’t like it. They thought that it was boring and that what I wrote did not make sense. So I took their advice and re-wrote it.

Not everyone is blessed with beautiful and lavish hair. Some people have thick hair with volume but others have few hair that take time to grow. There are women who have naturally beautiful hair. Whilst others do not have the type of hair that they want, fortunately we can do something about it.  I love hair that is rich with volume. Apart from this it worthwhile to know that humans are inherently creators and we also create our own realities. When it comes to hair we have a variety of choice from hair products to hair extensions.
There are different types of weaves and they range from cheap weave to the ridiculously expensive weave: brazilian, indian hair, peruvian and 100% human hair just to name a few. Some women think that you cannot put a price to beauty/the perfect hairstyle. We go through it all in the process of enhancing our beauty. From waiting long queues in the hair salon to paying exorbitant amounts of money for hair and waiting long hour to do one hairstyle eg. Braids.  If you want long hair you buy a weave or plait braids and If you want a different colour you simply dye it. If want short hair you cut it or put a short weave the list s endless. I still maintain that Women have a variety of choice when it comes to hair. The range hairstyles include: an Afro, dreads, relaxed hair, bald hair (aka chiskop) or weave just to name.
Some women prefer keeping it natural and chic and they still  look fabulous.



braidsshort-hairstyles-for-black-women-2013mumshort hair


Getting your hair done is a process but you feel good after it. Hair can enhance how you look like, and it can make you look prettier or just change how you look like. No matter what type of hairstyle you have the key to having great hair is knowing how to take care of it. Whether you have a weave or natural hair you have to treat your hair and use the right hair products.


1 thought on “Our crowning glory…

  1. Yes, hair is our crowning glory. Personally, if my hair looks good, I feel more confident. But using too much artificial hair sometimes damages the har line.
    What about guys? Some have dreads, short/brush, bald/chiskop. Afro and long are rare.
    As usual, good blog and lovely pics!

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