The dark season is over…


Summer is known to be about being able to go to outdoor events, we are able to wear our favourite dresses and shorts without having to worry about the ‘cold’ weather. It’s all about the sunglasses, open toe shoes, light weight clothing and being free from the cold and fever. A lot of people plan road trips and vacations in summer, let us do all of that in style.

Summer 2013 is all about colour, monochrome and graphics. Don’t be afraid of standing out with bold colours and contrasts. Play around with different patterns, shapes and stripes. The following are a few ideas on what to wear this season (summer must haves).


You will never go wrong with neons (bright and bold colours).


Look stylish and chic in graphic and monochrome.


Summer does not exist without colour, combining colour and elegance.


These are a few looks that you can consider for this season #summer2013….


Images are from: Google images



3 thoughts on “The dark season is over…

  1. I always enjoyed your posts with attractive photographs and you make me wait for your posts desperately… Thanks!

    Are you from Africa? It is really confusing for me that when they say it is summer, we would have been enjoying rainy season here in India and ready to welcome autumn! And how about the southern half? OMG! It is so confusing!

  2. True, I also love summer. We all look bright and beautiful. Thanks for highlighting what’s in for Summer 2013. I think its also important that we dress according to our age and weight.

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