I have acknowledged a trend in clothing items that are made out of leather. There are lots of clothes that are made out of leather. It is no longer only about leather jackets,  leather shoes and bags. Leather is constantly being re-invented and recycled when it comes to fashion. Leather is now being used for shirts, dresses, skirts, shorts etc. This is similar to my previous post about denim. I have realised that leather is also a fashion staple and you can wear it in different seasons and in different colours. In addition I have leather jackets that I bought in 2011 and I still look good when I wear them now. You can wear leather for two or more years and still look stylish, you just need to know how to take care of it hence the reason why I say leather is a fashion staple.

different types of leather


I read an article about leather just to gain a bit of insight about leather. I have established that leather can be created/made from different animals; leather is made from ostrich, pigskin, lizard skin, calfskin and chamois just to name a few. In addition I think it’s worthwhile to know that suede is made from the inside out of leather or the inner split of leather. This is probably one of the reasons why suede is cheaper than genuine leather. Apart from this I have observed a difference between pleather (fake/faux leather) and genuine (real) leather, the advantage of pleather is that it is cheap and easy to maintain. Genuine leather on the other hand is expensive and it is high maintenance however it lasts longer than pleather. Genuine leather is made from animal skin in contrast pleather is made out of a fabric base and it is manmade.


Ostrich leather is usually used for bags, shoes and belts and it is one of the most expensive types of leather.


Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between fake and genuine leather. Genuine leather is not always best choice in my opinion when it comes to clothing. I prefer genuine leather in furniture, jackets and shoes but I would buy a dress or a skirt that’s made out of fake leather as long as it looks real and not like plastic. In most cases genuine leather is heavier than pleather; I can only imagine myself wearing a dress made out of genuine leather in summer.

leather dress

Simple street fashion, wearing a leather skirt and a denim jacket and still look stylish…

leather and denim


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Different types of leather:


The denim/jeans affair…….


Most people do not differentiate the words denim and jeans some people use these words interchangeably. It could be said that the word jean/s is mostly used to define pants and denim is the material that is used to make jeans. In addition there are different types of jeans and these are; skinny, low cut and narrow bottom jean just to name a few. Denim is something that could be worn by people of different ages and different shapes and sizes. Denim can be used in anything it could be used in shirts, dresses, skirts, jacket, shorts, jeggings and even bags and shoes. What I love about denim is that it is a timeless piece of material which can be worn on different occasions and it is something that you can wear throughout the year. Denim can be worn through out the different season and the styles of denim are constantly evolving and adjusting to different trends in fashion. Apart from this you can dress it up or down, in different colours and shapes/cuts. You can’t go wrong with denim especially when you don’t know what to wear. Even though I sometimes do wear coloured jeans my favourite is still the classic blue jeans.

How to look elegant and chic in denim.


Simple and classy way of wearing denim; a white shirt, jeans and heels.

how to look classy on denim


Different ways of wearing denim on denim. You can wear this with different shades of denim or the same color/shade of denim.denim-trends-spring-2013-head-to-toe-Balmain

DeninOnDenim3Ways-e1361374572403Denim is used in various types of clothing, even in bags and shoes.

heelsbagcolored jeans“Germany's next Topmodel - by Heidi Klum”

One of my favorite and most comfortable pair of jeans are high waisted jeans



What to think about for the next season, dungarees are coming back (spring 2013).



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Horoscopes and fashion…an outlandish combination


This blog was inspired by my horoscope (Pisces). In the past week I have been reading about astrology I particularly focused on my star sign which is Pisces. As I was reading I came across different aspects about people who were born between the 19th of February and 20th of March. We are defined as thinkers, dreamers, sensitive, passionate, gentle and nurturing people. Apart from this what stood out the most whilst I was reading about Pisces and learning about different aspects, personality, relationships and colours just to name a few. One of the topics about astrology was Pisces and sense of style I found that quit intriguing because I didn’t know that your style or your dress sense and the colours that you choose could be determined by astrology or your horoscope. I was fascinated by this and finding out itn this true or not, if I could relate to what was written about my horoscope.

tumblr_mk4vro7ffY1s5llheo1_500 NB

What I have learnt was that Pisces women love pastel colors and that their choice of colours are sea-green, lavender and blue. According to xstrology scopes (website) Pisces women love wearing dresses and skirts, they are very girly. Pisces women love colour and patterns. I have also realized that we can not relate to everything that is written about our horoscopes. Owing to this I am not that fond of dresses but what I do agree with is the colour blue. The signature colour for Pisces women is blue. Pisces is a water sign and water is usually associated with blue. Hence the reason why Blue is one of my favourite colours and it is also a colour that signifies Pisces. I have realized that I am more susceptible to choosing blue clothing items, I have blue accessories, dresses, shirts, shoes and blue denim jeans just to name a few. The colour blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and heaven.

The similarity between grey and blue is the different shades and the number 50. There are fifty shades of grey and fifty two shades of blue. Different shades of blue include; deep sky blue, navy blue, indigo, Alice blue, Yale blue, midnight blue powder blue and royal blue just to name a few. The following images are about how to be stylish in different shades of blue.



This is how I wear blue



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Different Shades of Grey

Colours have various connotations to them, but I am quit intrigued about the colour grey and it has nothing to do with the book ‘Fifty shades of Grey’. The colour grey has different connotations to it. When I was young I was taught that “black + white = grey” and that grey is in between black and white. in addition most people associate silver with grey. But grey could resemble uncertainty, depression, mourning and sadness; on the contrary it could also resemble balance, reliability and intelligence. The human brain is composed of grey matter.When you are not feeling well they say you are feeling grey and when something exists between two extremes you say that there is a grey area.

What I love about grey is that it is a neutral colour and contrary to popular believe that black and white are the main colours that you could mix and match with any color. I think that you can wear different colours with grey and still look stylish. Some people think that grey is a boring color and they do not know what to wear with it. This is where different shades of grey come in. I love the colour grey in bags, accessories, shoes and adding different colors to it. In addition, there are different shades of grey, charcoal grey, silver grey, gun grey, mid grey, blue-grey and slate grey just to name a few. Grey is a sensational colour that is elegant and neutral. In my perspective grey is a balanced colour that one could wear for any occasion, you can look stylish with grey.

How to mix red with grey



How to look stylish and fashionable in grey

How to wear grey in a stylish way

grey shoes




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Add a bit of yellow for confidence

Following my previous blog about dressing for success. I have realized that clothes can change how you feel about yourself. When people are well dressed they exude or ooze confidence. It is almost as if people become more self-affirmed and they have a sense of courage and confidence in themselves. When you are wearing one of your favorite/best outfits you feel good about yourself. I think its safe to say that there is a positive connotation or a link between the clothes that we wear and self-esteem.

Hence the reason why people pay attention to what they wear when they are going on their first dates, interviews or even going to write an exam. I personally do not want to look shabby when I write my exams because that is the last thing I want to worry about when I am in a exam room. When I write I only want to focus on the examination not the fact that I am wearing torn socks or that the pants that I am wearing are too tight or that the clothes that I’m wearing do not match. This doesn’t apply to people who do not pay attention to style or do not really care much about their appearance. When you are well dressed the clothes that you are wearing will make you feel more confident about yourself…this is my own opinion. Yellow is the perfect colour for confidence, it just brightens your day and some people need to have the confidence and courage to pull it off especially men.


Jess Cartner-Morley

Yellow-Cardigan_FF31DDBA men

yellow-trousers_large NB

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Self-confidence is the key to self-motivation….

Dress for success

The clothes that you wear have an impact in how people perceive you especially in the corporate world. In my perspective, the clothes that you wear to work will determine whether they take you seriously or not.


Clothes show authority, confidence and style. People are more susceptable to taking authority or paying attention to someone who is looking well groomed and who is wearing a suit and tie as opposed to someone who is wearing track suits and sneakers.


Dressing well is important because first impressions count and the clothes that you wear create the “first impression” in people’s minds. Studies show that inappropriate dressing causes 40% of job rejection. I think the best way of dressing is dressing for success, not to impress I define this as adding your own style to corporate wear. You do not have to wear black and white to work, fashion trends are constantly evolving and so is corporate wear.



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