The Tomboy Look as an alternative…

tomboy chic style

The tomboy look is usually mistaken as a style that is only worn by butch lesbians or girls that behave like men. A tomboy is a girl who acts or dresses in a boyish way. Tomboys are sometimes called hoydens or romps. Additionally girls or ladies who love this look are also sometimes mistaken as trying to be man, which entirely true there are a lot of straight women (heterosexuals) who sometimes feel like wearing male clothing or clothes that look masculine. It is not about trying to be man it’s just about one’s own personal preference or sense of style. Sometimes people dress according to how they feel or they like the tomboy look because it is comfortable or for various other reasons. Owing to this every individual has his/her own preference when it comes to style and it could vary based on a particular occasion or how you feel however sometimes people’s dress sense varies according to the latest fashion trends. They want to keep up with recent trends.



Baggy jeans, male sweaters, tracksuit pants, Timberland boots or Bronx are the different clothes that epitomize the tomboy look. On the contrary, there are some aspects of the tomboy look that have become more acceptable as a fashion trend such as boyfriend jeans.

boyfriend jeans

There was a period whereby the tomboy style was considered the in thing where ladies would wear baggy pants and Timberland boots. In the 80’s artists such as TLC, Da Brat and Aaliyah were known for their style of choice which was the tomboy look. I think it’s worthwhile to know that the tomboy look is still quit prevalent in 2013 people still love wearing the tomboy look. Moreover Ciara, Amber Rose and Rihanna just to name a few are well known people who are straight and they wear this look as an alternative style/dress sense hence the reason why I am say that the tomboy look is just a style preference and it sometimes has nothing to do about one’s sexual orientation. It’s about expressing yourself through clothing.


Amber Rose





A female’s perspective on men’s clothing


This blog was inspired by the feedback that I received from men about my blog. They said that they also want tips about how to dress up and trends in fashion. This is dedicated to men and it is my opinion on different types of clothing and styles that I like for men. In my perspective males fashion is not as hard to pull off as compared to females. You must just know how to choose the right clothes that compliment your body. In addition what I have realized about fashion and style is that it brings out or exudes your own personality or how you feel.



However as much as we are all unique as individuals our style and fashion sense is also unique and it varies from each individual. Hence the reason why I said this is my perspective on male’s clothing and the type of clothes that I like in men. There are people who like sports wear, casual, smart casual or formal wear moreover your dress sense always comes out in your outfits or how you put it together. In the past I thought that male’s fashion is not as complicated as female’s clothing but it is not only about wearing a simple shirt and a pair of pants it’s about colour, texture, patterns etc. If you do not know which colours work well together, you will end up wearing orange and lime green or colours that do not well together. I personally do not quite like bright colours on men such as neon colours. For me staple colours (black and white) are a must have, followed by navy blue, grey and brown (neutral colours). I think men can wear colour if they know how to pull it off, but if you can’t stick to the basics.

The following items are about looking simple, classy and stylish.


Contrast between the older and the younger generation

smart casual


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Moving from Black & White to Monochromatic

best 1st pic

This is a continuation from my previous post on the monochrome trend. Its also driven by my interest in the monochrome and monochromatic trend (simple elegance) you do not have to try too hard to look stylish. The monochromatic trend is quit intriguing because it is not about matching colours or colour blocking. Monochromatic is about using the same colour for the entire outfit, its no longer only about wearing all black or all white. You can use one colour for the whole outfit. You can create variations and contrast through the use of different shades and textures by using the same colour scheme.

 Bullboxer-Trend-Report-Monochrome blog

Tips on the monochromatic trend: you can use different shades of the same colour to make your outfit look more interesting (using light and dark contrasts). Another tip is to add a bit of personality and variation by wearing different coloured shoes, accessories and bags. You can also accessorize with your metallics such as your gold or silver neck pieces and earrings. In my perspective I think  white and neutral colours are the best colours, to add a bit of variation to the entire look. Apart from this I think monochromatic is a simple trend to pull of and its something that you have in your closet. Simplicity is key. For instance you can wear a coral colour, with a hint of peach or orange and white.


Monochromatic pant suits


Look stylish, chic and fabulous in monochromatic. I love this trend because it is easy to articulate and its another timeless trend. If you love colour and you like standing out and being acknowledged monochromatic is for you…..



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The Monochrome Trend…….simple elegance


The constant changes and re-emergence of trends in fashion are quit intriguing. At one point florals are ‘in’ followed by pastel colours then comes neon colours. These are bright and vibrant colours and they also epitomize the spring/summer season. However spring 2013 is also about embracing staple or basic colours such as black and white this is also known as the monochrome trend. In my perspective monochrome is a constant trend. In addition black and white are staple colours and almost everyone has something black or white in their closet. These colours are often perceived as colours that you wear when you go to work or to a funeral. Some people think that black and white does not stand out which is not true, you can look elegant and fashionable in a simple black and white outfit.


Apart from this there are other positive connotations to these colours. For instance white represents purity, precision and humility. Black is about sophistication, style and elegance. In my perspective black and white are colours that are easy to match and one can pull of stunning outfits with those colours both independently and combined. What I love about monochrome is the ability to play around with patterns such as stripes, blocks and spots. It’s not about knowing which colours work well together its about knowing which items of clothing can you put together to pull of a fabulous outfit.


This is how I wear  black and white, a simple black and white dress and a pair of heels.


see theb world in monochrome


The meaning of colours:

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Dress for success

The clothes that you wear have an impact in how people perceive you especially in the corporate world. In my perspective, the clothes that you wear to work will determine whether they take you seriously or not.


Clothes show authority, confidence and style. People are more susceptable to taking authority or paying attention to someone who is looking well groomed and who is wearing a suit and tie as opposed to someone who is wearing track suits and sneakers.


Dressing well is important because first impressions count and the clothes that you wear create the “first impression” in people’s minds. Studies show that inappropriate dressing causes 40% of job rejection. I think the best way of dressing is dressing for success, not to impress I define this as adding your own style to corporate wear. You do not have to wear black and white to work, fashion trends are constantly evolving and so is corporate wear.



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