The dark season is over…


Summer is known to be about being able to go to outdoor events, we are able to wear our favourite dresses and shorts without having to worry about the ‘cold’ weather. It’s all about the sunglasses, open toe shoes, light weight clothing and being free from the cold and fever. A lot of people plan road trips and vacations in summer, let us do all of that in style.

Summer 2013 is all about colour, monochrome and graphics. Don’t be afraid of standing out with bold colours and contrasts. Play around with different patterns, shapes and stripes. The following are a few ideas on what to wear this season (summer must haves).


You will never go wrong with neons (bright and bold colours).


Look stylish and chic in graphic and monochrome.


Summer does not exist without colour, combining colour and elegance.


These are a few looks that you can consider for this season #summer2013….


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A girl’s best “friend”


Contrary to popular belief that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, I think that shoes are a girl’s best friend. I love shoes more than diamonds, sometimes I feel like I cannot get enough shoes. I wish I could have them in different colors, shapes and designs and have an abundance of choices but with the shoe size that I wear it’s not easy to get the shoes that you want because they sometimes do not make size 3 heels. When I find the perfect pair of heels, I wish I could have the same pair in different colours. Apart from this shoes complete outfits and they can make you stand out and feel more confident/glamorous especially heels. Shoes can enhance your outfit. For example a casual outfit such as wearing a simple shirt and jeans can be enhanced by throwing a pair of exquisite heels.


There are shoes that you can wear to go anywhere because they comfortable on the contrary there are also those that you only wear for special occasions. There are some heels that you can only wear when you are going out for dinner and know that you will be sitting down, because they look good but they are very uncomfortable but you bought them because they looked perfect. I have also realized that I cannot follow all the trends in fashion. I settle for what I like and that is simple, classy, stylish and elegant shoes (timeless shoes). For example gladiators are in but I personally would not buy them because I do not find them that appealing however they might look good on someone else.



Alexander McQueen and avant-garde shoes

There are shoes that we would love to have just to keep in our shoe collection and there are those that we love but we cannot afford and one of which is a pair of Alexandra McQueen’s.

A Mcqueen


Wedges – comfortable shoes that you can wear anywhere. You can wear them to work, whilst shopping and on a ladies night out.


wedge (2)

You can never go wrong with platforms and they are more comfortable than your normal stilettos because they are elevated in front. This makes your foot feel more stable and comfortable.

simple platform


Latest shoe trends for spring/summer 2013: transperant details, chuncky heels, pointed toes, bold gladiators and metallics just to name a few. Look stylish and fabulous in your favourite pair of heels…




All images are from: Google images